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At about the same time my eyes changed color,
something snapped in me like a glow stick.
‘Non-Toxic’ only means
not poisonous enough to kill you
(everything in moderation).
I wear sunglasses to cut the glare,
ashamed of the lime light,
so that others may be able to look at me in my neon-oddness.

Everything I’ve ever done is invalid
because I see through lizard’s blood and Miller Time.
How does one go about creating art
when you cannot see out of your own electro-shock eyes?

I am blind like God is blind-
grandiose and perpetually flinching;
rubbing with our wet, red fists
to get the blood out.

And when that light dies- a slow fade
behind the black blood-crust,
I will be grateful to have been so hidden
so muted,
so secretly bright
that I could have lit up the whole world with a blink,
and then extinguished it with a tear.


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